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Where have all the Oceanians gone?

I wrote this article back in February 2016, regarding the lack of non-New Zealander representation from Oceania in the Hyundai A-League. Some is a little outdated now but still viable in the main. See what you think…

Since the Hyundai A-League began play in 2005, there has been a lot of “overseas” representation at clubs in both playing and coaching. Whilst the vast majority have naturally been from the two host nations – Australia and New Zealand – there has also been the standard smattering from Brazil and also other countries such as Japan, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Argentina, South Korea, South Africa, Scotland, France, Chile and England, to name but a few.

Despite this multi-national make-up of the A-League’s clubs, there is one group of players which has struggled to find representation… The doorstep nations of the South Pacific, for so many years qualifying opponents of the Socceroos, have seen a mere four players grace the A-League. Half of those have come from the Solomon Islands, one from Fiji and one from Papua New Guinea. So today I ask the question, why have more players from other Oceania nations not made the grade? [Continue reading…]

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